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BBA THE REAL BONE BUILDERS 1-day Lecture 'The BBA Concept' 12th of June 2020 (LVIV, UKRAINE)

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Ansprechpartner: Yuriy Dmytryshyn, dantists@gmail.com


In many cases bone augmentation is necessary before implants can be inserted. Additionally, the soft tissue management can be a decisive factor for the implant success. In all cases the “Goldstandard” of using autologous bone is in competition with the use of Bone Graft Material products.

This 1-day Lecture is about the the `BBA Concept`: Biological Bone Augmentation - what are the Basics, where are the Limits, lateral bone augmentation and advanced soft tissue management, incl. academic approach soft tissue management (Apical repositioned flap, palatal pedicled flap) and many more content as well as opportunity for discussion.

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